Early in the month of September, David Herzog Ministries sponsored a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting was timed to coincide with the feast of Rosh Hashanah and was full of glory.

Some ask, "Why connect with Jewish feasts?" And the answer is threefold. One, the feasts are actually described in Scripture as the "feasts of God," not "Jewish feasts," so it is not odd for Christians to be attentive to them. From Leviticus 23:4 (ESV), for example, are these words:

"These are the appointed feasts of the LORD, the holy convocations, which you shall proclaim at the time appointed for them."

Another reason for honoring and taking note of these times is that they are symbolic of events connected to the life of Christ and to the Second Coming of Christ. And finally, these times can be times of particular outpourings from heaven.

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So, at this meeting, there was a passionate atmosphere of seeking God and hearing from God.

One of the guest speakers was a surprise; he had not been scheduled to come. It was Jerame Nelson from San Diego.

Jerame has been holding the Fire and Glory Outpouring Services nightly in San Diego for a number of years. As he ministered in this particular gathering, he had very specific words of knowledge for many people and, along with David, spoke healing into many lives.

At the close of the meeting, Jerame spoke and encouraged the people attending to not just rely on the famous speakers to bring an atmosphere of God's glory for them but he encouraged each one to go home and seek God alone — to make time and space in one's own home or apartment and wait on the Lord. Really wait!

Too often we can have a routine for "quiet time." But really seeking God, waiting to hear Him before moving forward into our day, into our ministries, is more challenging for so many. But Jerame's message was, "I am not unique. I am hearing a great deal from God — words of knowledge — for people but that is because I have to put in the time, behind the scenes."

Jerame said he is not afraid to get up at night, awakened by God, and to go to read Scripture or pray for a while — and then go back to bed. He says he is deeply refreshed after that as if he had not been awakened. "We need to put in the time to encounter the Lord. Give up some things. If we will do that — seek real intimacy with God — power will begin to flow into us and then out of us more."

I think of it, personally, like siphoning gas. You have to get the flow started but then the flow is strong and steady. We begin to siphon the Spirit's presence, love and power into ourselves by our feeding on the Word and seeking closeness in prayer and worship. Then we begin to minister to others. As we "siphon" the presence of the Spirit, a weak flow becomes a mighty river the more we draw on the Holy Spirit and sincerely want to see His face in our lives and in our ministry — whatever that ministry is.

Moses felt he was nothing — a stuttering nothing — when he saw the burning bush that would not go out. By taking off his shoes, standing on holy ground, listening for the Lord and then (finally) agreeing to obey, the life of being Israel's deliverer began. He was weak and dependent at first but then his power to minister increased and increased.

Our lives are no different. We are all unlikely for the tasks that God blesses us to do. Only in His power and grace are we able to do anything.

Let seeking intimacy be your call as we enter the end of the calendar year, but begin the "new year" in terms of God's feasts and timing.

To hear more about personally seeking intimacy with God and being more greatly equipped with the gifts of the Spirit as a result, listen to this episode (77) of Rooted by the Stream.

Dr. Pam Morrison is a pastor who has both led churches and also ministered in the inner city and elsewhere with recovering addicts as a pastoral counselor and as part of a healing rooms ministry. She has seen much physical and inner healing. Pam loves ministering overseas and has had a special relationship with people in Cuba for many years. She is the author of Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs, available in English and Spanish. Her website is pammorrisonministries.com. Her podcast with Charisma Podcast Network is called Rooted by the Stream. You can email her at pam@pammorrisonministries.com.

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